We’ll meet you in a little while
Can’t wait to hear you laugh, see your smile
Look forward to learning all about you
And to teaching you to do the things you were made to do
We’ll meet you soon, little one
Not sure if you are a daughter or a son
But we know we love you all the same
And can’t wait to call you by your name
I hope you take more after your mother
Though I’m sure we’ll get along just fine with one another
She’s the one who has carried you so long
And the one that tells me off when I play you that song
I’m sure together we’ll make quite a team, you & I
We may drive her crazy, we’ll get plenty a laugh & plenty a sigh
Either way, we’ll all have a lot of fun
And we both can’t wait to be your dad & mum
We’ll see you really soon
I really hope you like your room
It’s not as cozy as the one you’re in now
But I hope you’ll make do somehow

I’m not sure what you’ve thought of me so far
I hope you’ve noticed we only play Needtobreathe in the car
And that we read about what we’re meant to do when you get here
And I hope you’ve heard our prayers to God to take away our fear

We loved you before we knew you
Before we knew anything you’d do
Because that’s the love we’ve received
And the truth that’s not often enough believed

We loved your brother or sister too
Though we never got to see them grow like we do you
We’ll see them one day soon as well
But how many more will join us before then is too soon to tell

God has blessed more than we could’ve asked for
You were the answered prayer He already had in store
We thank Him for the grace he has shown
It’s far above and beyond what we could’ve ever known
We’d like to say we made you the way you are
But God has to take the credit for getting you this far
He’s making you beautiful in His perfect hours
And we know you are His before you are our’s
We really want to meet you one day soon, our child.