Now you’re here, we see the blessing that you bring

It’s such a joy to see you laugh, talk and sing.

We love your smile, the way you light up a room

Bringing light and happiness to dark and gloom.

Now you’re here, we are so happy, little one,

So happy to know you and call you our son.

Now you’re here, and things will never be the same,

Our home has the sound of your laughter, tears, and name.

Now you’re here, we make quite the team, you and I.

Together we make your mother laugh, and very often sigh.

You get your good looks from your mother,

And you share my sense of humour, so we soon hit off it off with one another.

People often say we look alike, every, single, day!

I’m just glad you are who you are, in every, single, way.

Now you’re here, we can’t believe the blue of your eyes.

We love you to the moon and back, through all the starry skies.

We’re really glad you’re here, we’re having lots of fun!

We’re just so glad to be your dad and mum.

Although we’ve only known you for one year long

You have become our blessing, gift, and song.

Now you’re here, we love to see that cheeky smile

Like when you find the remote control and try to run a mile

You love being heard, cuddled, sung to, read to, and seen

You also love to leave your handprints all over the TV screen.

I’m sure by now you’ve come to know

All the places we love to go

You seem to like long drives to many, many places

Where you can always put your smile on a million other faces.

You love your Eddie-Charlie Bear, Batman, and Tigger too,

You love to do the things that other little children do.

You love to watch Cars, Buck Denver, along with Veggie Tales

We hope your this phase ends when you also stop eating snails.

We’ve seen how you love to sing and dance

We long ago decided your love of all music is very good thing.

Colin and Nudge make you dance a silly way

And we sing along with Johnny Cash, NeedToBreathe, and a little of Third Day.

Now you’re here, there are so many things to thank God for

As the days, the weeks, and months pass by, we have more and more.

We thank Him for your life, your love, your joy

Even your midnight calls and early signs of a penchant to annoy.

We’d like to say we made you the way you are,

But God has to take the credit for getting you this far.

He’s making you beautiful in His perfect hour

And we know you are His before you are our’s.

We can’t believe you are already one year old

And we know there’s still so much of your story to be told

We met you such a short time ago

But you are so precious to us, Samuel Jobe.