I’m Luke…

Welcome to our blog!

I live with my wife, Rachel, and our son, Samuel ( Sammy J) in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

I’ve started this out as bit of a trial, just to make my full sermon notes, general thoughts on life and faith, book and movie reviews, as well as some general writing projects available for reading.

Rachel also will contribute as a guest author occasionally with her reflections on motherhood and the Christian life.

These are our personal thoughts and reflections on Scripture, so I am aware that people will have differing opinions to us, so feel free to comment , but I don’t plan on spending much time maintaining this page, so if I do not respond, don’t feel offended or ignored. But also, this site hasn’t been created to be contentious, and isn’t the right format for grounded and well-thought out response or debate.Obviously, this blog is for space for my own  personal thoughts, reflections, & interpretations. Not only do I not expect all to agree, but I also do expect that everyone understands these are our personal views, & not the views of any churches we minister in, or any businesses we are employed by.

Thanks for stopping by, and we pray that God will use these earthen, frail vessels to help you glean some insight from His Word. I trust that the Gospel will be real for you, and that Jesus Christ would become your personal Lord and Saviour.

Let The Word reveal…


Luke, Rachel & Sammy J.